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Many businesses and industries have a need for ruggedized computing solutions that can withstand the often rough and hostile environments, activities, and locations that they operate in and service. Shock damage, moisture, temperature, and bright lights are just some of the challenges faced on a daily basis.

Field service technicians, law enforcement, first responders, installers, engineers, auditors, estimators, claims adjusters, and field sales professionals at all levels of industry and government rely on access to information and applications to achieve their goals and service their clients. For most of these professionals, off-the-shelf consumer laptops, tablets, UMPC, and handheld devices don't offer the durability and functionality needed. Only truly rugged computer systems will do - computers specifically designed to meet the challenges and provide cost effective solutions to their mobile computing needs. 

At Rugged Depot we recognize the special requirements and needs of such industries and end-users as:

Healthcare - Insurance


Healthcare related industries with high mobility requirements need rugged and powerful laptops, notebooks, and portable computing solutions. Healthcare regulations involving patient records management and the need for better data collection at the point of care in hospital and clinical settings or in the field at emergency situations are driving the demand for ruggedized and secure computing devices.

 For insurance companies, the drive towards ever more automation and efficiency for claims adjustors, field sales, and appraisers as well as the need for secure information and applications access mean a greater demand for rugged computing solutions.

 In both of these industries unique clinical environments and field operations make the use of ruggedized portable devices essential to their work. Whether it's handheld devices that allow healthcare professionals to carry patient treatment information with them throughout a facility, or a field service technician or claims adjuster who needs access to accurate information and applications to be effective, mobile computing that can survive in these on the go environments are a must.

 Rugged Depot provides a range of products from hand held UMPCs to semi or fully rugged laptops and tablets to meet their specific needs.

 Environmental - Oil and Gas - Communications - Utilities


Marine environments, remote locations, weather extremes, harsh chemicals, jarring movements, and moisture are all part of job for industries with widespread field activities and locations. In addition, many uses face the challenge of trying to read LCD screens in bright sunlight - something most consumer level systems aren't designed for. Fortunately, Rugged Depot offers notebook computers designed with optional daylight readable displays in addition to protecting against damage from the kind of activities and environments these companies operate in.

Environmental, Oil & Gas, and Communications industries along with the day in and day out field operations of public and private utilities demand computing solutions that are rugged and designed to withstand, movement, travel, weather, and temperature conditions that would cripple normal portable computers. Only truly ruggedized computers and portable devices that meet certifications based on rigorous testing for materials are acceptable.

Federal Government - Law Enforcement - Fire and EMS


Government agencies, defense forces, law enforcement agencies, and emergency first responders are routinely called upon to perform their jobs in environments that would easilydisable common off-the-shelf computer equipment. Secure reliable and rugged computing solutions allow personnel from these various organizations bring portable computing power into almost any hostile environment to effectively communicate, gather real-time information, and access important applications.

Rugged Depot offers rugged computer equipment that can provide real bottom-line value and a tactical or competitive edge in almost any situation. Using rugged vehicle mounted or handheld notebook or tablet PCs allow law enforcement, first responders, and other government agencies access to accurate and immediately available information - which means better and faster decision making that can save both lives and property.

simple commands.

We understand the importance of comfort and functionality when it comes to carrying a rugged computer around to do your job. With this in mind, we've put customer focused engineering to use in designing a wide range of carrying options for your rugged handheld computer.

 Ordinary office supply store cases just don't provide the protection you need for your rugged laptop or tablet computer. When you work on the road or in the field you need a rugged case that can protect and secure your system in whatever environment or situation your work takes you to - added protection for your important investment.

 Rugged Depot is proud to offer protective cases that will increase the usefulness and versatility of your Panasonic Toughbook rugged computer while keeping them even more protected and secure.

 Panasonic Toughbook Cases - Large Cases - Medium Cases

 Offering style and protection our Panasonic cases offer a host of features that make transporting, storing, and using your rugged laptop computer easier, including:

 * *Full Access Opening* - Use your Toughbook without removing it from the case.

* *Storage Compartments* - Take important files, accessories, and storage discs with you.

* *Secure Carrying Straps and Handles* - Make your ultra-light mobile computer even more portable.

 A variety of custom-designed cases are available, along with cases that work with selected Toughbook models in either laptop or tablet mode. We also offer universal cases that can work with any Panasonic Toughbook rugged notebook.

 Rugged Laptop, Notebook, UMPC & Handheld Cases

 Many jobs require a case that allows you to move easily with your system and perform your work without interference. Cases that require you to turn off and close your system before packing it away can also rob you of time and efficiency - especially for people whose jobs require them to regularly open and close the computer while moving around or working. That's why we carry "always on" cases that work the way you do. Opening the case opens the computer, making it easier than ever work - no more having to separate the case from the computer.