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New technologies and mobile working environments are driving revolutionary changes within the insurance industry. These developments affect everything from the way insurance companies sell their products to how organizations process claims and estimate damages. Panasonic builds a full line of reliable and durable Toughbook mobile computers help insurance firms maintain its competitive edge and to capitalize on opportunities afforded in a transformative environment.


Today's ever-evolving insurance landscape leaves inspectors, adjusters, sales agents and even vehicle repair facilities with little room for downtime when it comes to serving customers more effectively and efficiently. Rugged Panasonic Toughbook laptops, stay operational longer with less downtime and fewer repairs. Key advantages include, integrated mobile broadband, daylight-viewable touchscreens, exceptional battery life and convenient carrying handles. Furthermore, Panasonic partners with leading hardware, software and wireless partners to provide total solutions for the insurance industry. These combined benefits result in a lower total cost of ownership and greater return on investment.