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Use Refurbished Toughbooks to Save Money


It is clear that outfitting your agency, business or department with rugged technology can be an economic challenge. Once you do find the model that you want, whether it is the Toughbook 31 or the Toughbook 19, then you may have concerns about how many units your organization can afford to purchase. One of the best solutions to purchasing rugged technology is to consider refurbished models. This is simply the best way to take advantage of technology.

If you have had experience with refurbished technology, then you may be concerned that your units will have issues. With a fully rugged Toughbook, you can be sure that your refurbished models will work flawlessly. During our refurbishing process, we ensure that every model meets our exacting standards and can be used in every situation, including the most hazardous. You’ll love that your refurbished Toughbook will work just as well as a brand new piece of technology.

Economical pricing is one of the major benefits of choosing refurbished Toughbooks. This affordable option gives you access to the latest technology at a lower cost. Many of these units have been used for just a few months and come back to the professional technology team that evaluates each one. During the evaluation process, the units are completely scrubbed and all of their features are checked for operational ability. You’ll love that each of these rugged Toughbooks are ready to go as soon as they are delivered to your site.

The best reason to choose a refurbished Toughbook is that you can purchase as many rugged laptops as you need. Instead of only outfitting part of your department, you can be sure that every one of your team members will have access to this critical technology. This will allow you to take advantage of technology while still respecting the limits of your budget. Every single one of our Toughbooks comes with a limited warranty that will protect your investment.

Are you considering refurbished Toughbooks? Contact Rugged Depot today to learn more about this amazing way to save money and provide the technology that your business, agency or department needs. Call us now for flexible multi-unit pricing that will stretch your budget.