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The All New Panasonic CF-20 Toughpad

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Recently we got some hands on experience with the all new, yet to be released Panasonic Toughpad CF-20.  The CF-20 is Panasonic's very first fully rugged detachable laptop.  Previous fully rugged Toughpads such as the FZ-G1 have detachable keyboards as optional accessories; however, those keyboards are made by third party manufacturers and are a separate purchase and not guaranteed by Panasonic.  The CF-20 and its detachable emissive backlit keyboard were designed from the ground up to complement each other.

Pictures do not do this amazing Toughpad justice.  Fully rugged design has always had the trade off (and hence the unfortunate stigma) of being slightly bulkier than a consumer grade unit.  The CF-20 Toughpad turns that stereotype on its head.  Measuring in at only 1.3" with the keyboard attached (a sleek .6" when the tablet is detached) the CF-20 is one of the slimmest fully rugged tablets to date.  

The Toughbook 20 has many design features that help add to its mobility and versatility.  Both the tablet and the keyboard have docking ports giving the CF-20 the ability to use a port replicating dock in either tablet or laptop configuration.  The unit also has a built in extendable carrying handle that can extend while in laptop configuration to add to the stability while on a flat surface.  The tablet can also be inserted into the keyboard as either forward facing or rear facing (to be able to fold down over the keyboard and still retain its tablet configuration.)  The tablet features a sunlight-viewable 10 point multi touch display that can be used with or without gloves.

When released, the CF-20 Toughbook will feature a wide range of optional upgrades and accessories including but not limited to: Dedicated GPS or 4G LTE, barcode reader, more USB ports, magstripe reader, insertable SmartCard reader, contactless SmartCard reader, fingerprint reader, rotating handstrap, desktop or vehicle dock and more.  The CF-20 is a model of engineering ingenuity that can adapt to almost any job or environment.

We would love the opportunity to answer any questions you have about this exciting new Panasonic product, please give us a call at (888)337-3007.  If you are interested in purchasing a CF-20, units will be sold on a first come first serve basis so pre-orders are highly encouraged to reserve your product.  The expected release for the CF-20 Toughbook is Spring 2016.